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White Rose of Drachs

65.00m (213í25î) | 2004 White rose of drachs is distinguished through her rounded stern, tall exhaust stacks and an implementing tall bow overhang. With more than a few approximately 6,000 nautical miles, she is extra than capable of crossing oceans and gives awesome dealing with in all conditions. The indoors may be very ornate, with luxurious seating regions and a habitual rose theme stemming from the logo of the proprietorís local english county of yorkshire. The five visitor cabins are named after well-known painters, and every room is embellished in the base colors of one among their most famous works.

The ownerís suite is a haven of mahogany and classical furniture, whilst all of the lavatories are completed in marble with ornate gold faucets. White rose of drachs is featured within the superyachts, quantity 18. Builder: peters schiffbau naval structure: lasse & pache exterior styling & interior design: donald starkey designs